Events Division

Our Events Division specialises in providing safety and security solutions to the special events industry. Our clients take comfort in knowing that their relationship with SSG Security is seamless and based on years of experience.

Client requests are honored and accommodated where possible.

We offer our clients peace of mind through high-quality service delivery, inclusive of:

• Event Packs, certification and licensing
• Event Management
• Event health and safety, inclusive of fire prevention and first aid
• Specialised event security professionals
• Ushers
• Stewards
• Security Staff
• Pit teams
• Reaction teams
• VIP areas and backstage security
• Parking attendants
• Medical services
• Public transportation coordination
• Security drivers and transportation
• Airport arrival and departure coordination
• Hotel security
• VIP protection
• VPO’s and GRO’s
• JOC applications
• Client profiling
• Threat assessment
• Productions